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The love that I have got…

I love Australian cricket. But I love Virat Kohli and Sachin T. But he captured everything I feel about the game. Thanks Neel. Reposting this 🙂

Good things last forever

Dear Javed Miandad,

In 1996, Pakistan lost to India in the World Cup quarter finals at Bangalore.

When you got run out, I remember the dejected look on your face and it made me sad.

Yes, I am an Indian and I was definitely rooting for India in that match and in all matches against Pakistan. But though we Indians are cricket-crazy and Pakistan is our enemy-number-one, I was sad for you. In fact, your expression on getting out is etched in my memory. Why?

Because I knew that throughout your life your only goal was to defeat India in a world cup match. Whenever you came out to bat for Pakistan against India, I have seen a strange determination, a passion that you have to do your best against India. While you batted, fielded and sometimes bowled with your heart filled with hatred for India, I was lucky to…

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