Aarti V Raman is an Amazon International 100 Bestselling author of contemporary romantic suspense novels with loveable heart and dizzy heat. Her bestselling chick-lit dramedy, The Worst Daughter Ever, is an Amazon Top 10 besteller. It has also been optioned for the screen.

Aarti writes hot, decent but dangerous heroes with a protective and possessive streak when it comes to the stubborn and independent women they fall for irrevocably. Her romances are set in a lush and sensual world full of passionate intrigue and emotional peril. Sometimes, there are explosions and car chases too!

In fact, her bestselling romance series, The Millionaire Foes, is actually going to the moon! Aarti is one of three Indian writers whose body of work will be on board the Peregrine Moon Lander in 2022, as part of the indie-powered Writers on the Moon project.

She is a former business journalist and editor with more than fifteen years of experience in the field of communications.

Aarti works and lives in vibrant Mumbai with her loveable and extended family in a version of her favorite words – Happy Ever After.

What I Write

My Books

“When I kiss you, Lily. You’ll know it’s me. You’ll know it’s us. And it won’t be when you’re crying over a fraction of a man who never deserved you.”
~ Kit Barranos, Her Millionaire’s Secret

“I’ll make you the worst wife on earth, Drake.”
“I look forward to it, Anya”
~ Claim

“I’ll make you the worst wife on earth, Drake.”
“I look forward to it, Anya”
~ Barry Menon, In Bed With Her Millionaire Foe

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