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When the rebellious crusader shares a weak moment with the new king of Kochi real estate…

New York architect tycoon, Jordan Hallaran is a chronic workhaholic. This self-confessed bachelor doesn’t have time for dalliances of the female variety.

Not when he has a real chance to put his company – Hallaran & Houston – on the world’s skyline.

Starting with India’s picturesque Coromandel Coast.

His most ambitious project? Constructing a billion dollar co-working space by partnering with the Menons.

But, Jordan’s Thailand stopover turns into the hottest night of his bachelor life. With a nameless, curvy goddess!

Unfortunately, for Jordan, his hottest fling turns into his worst nightmare when he lands in Kochi…

Shabari ‘Barry’ Menon belongs to Kochi’s prestigious Menon dynasty but is their eternal embarrassment.

Twice-dumped, with an activist job that her family abhors, strait-laced Barry escapes to Thailand to celebrate her latest birthday.

She gifts herself an unforgettable night with an insanely handsome and hot stranger…before fleeing back home.

To her latest crusade, which opposes the Menon family’s billion-dollar partnership with a world-famous real estate company.

But Barry has to face the consequences of her night to forget when she faces Jordan Hallaran across the boardroom.

He is the enemy who’s going to crush her dream of building a shelter for survivors of domestic violence.

He is a decade older than her!

And he is trying his hardest to convince Barry that being In Bed With Her Millionaire Foe is infinitely better than being at war with him!

Meet the Millionaire Foes – rising from ruin through ruthless ambition, these self-made tycoons have everything. Except, the heart of the one woman who means everything.

The Millionaire Foe Quartet series contains four steamy romances set around the world, each of which can be read as a standalone. 

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