Phone Sex With Tom Hiddleston

*Imagine Tom’s smexylicious, deeply vibrant, whiskey-in-moonlight voice talking to you on the phone*


Under your ear

Where the soft fragrance of your musk mingles with hair and sweat

Where I sometimes feel a pulse beat

I press my lips there.

You shiver.

It passes through you to me, the shiver.

Where your back is touching my chest

Shoulder blades pressed to my pecs

Front to back, back to front

Our heartbeats aligned to the rhythm of that shiver.

I move a bit to the side

My lips, a hot breath stealing your musk, your sweat.


And I take your tender lobe between my teeth.

You wait. I wait. You wait some more. I make you wait some more.

Somewhere in the universe, a star dies.


I bite.

A lunging movement.

Your gasp echoes in me, deep within me

Where the animal lives: untamed, feral, wanting.

Wanting all, wanting everything, wanting you.

You arch in an involuntary movement,

Your arms going to bite my thighs with fingers turned claws.

The pain is jarring, welcome, claimed.

So I suck, soft, soothing, slow and delicious.

Like I would inside you, imagining golden, molten honey.

Or bubblegum-flavored ice cream, my favorite.

A treat to be lapped up, savored slowly, deliciously. Careful and endless.

Your skin feels like skin in my mouth

But taste is different, isn’t it?

Taste is memory, dreams, illusion,

Candy-wrapped hotness and lemonade mixed with jello shots.

It’s not real in the way your eyes go glassy when I touch your breasts, cup them

It’s not real in the way your lips part to form my name

My name.

“Harder,” you say. “Touch me.” Breath broken.

So I move my fingers

Just the tips over the back of your wrist, lingering at the tattoo of your pulse

Moving up, a whisper-soft touch over skin well-traveled,

Always new.

It’s slow, torturous.

But who is torturing whom?

Suddenly you grab my hand and press it against yourself.

Hard, demanding. Now.

But it is my game, my rules, mine. So I say, “No. No, not yet. Wait.”

There is delicious agony in waiting.

In having my hand caress the folds of skin on your stomach, gone slightly musky with sweat right now

While you wait, for my fingers to go north or south, the waiting pain in itself.

“Fuck you.” You laugh. Wanting me.

Sex mingles in the air like our scents, sweat. Our breaths.

It’s a drowning of you in me that I want.

I bring my hand up to your collarbone, the bones pricking ever so slightly

While you  contort your neck and kiss me

Kiss me like how you want to be taken – a little rough, a little wet, maybe against the wall.

Maybe right now.

Your lips, your tongue, your teeth say please

Please have me.

I am yours.

But you are and that’s what makes it easy.

That’s what makes it hard.

Until you turn fully and press into me, me into you.

Wrapping one leg over mine, my hand instinctively tightening on the inside of your thigh

For balance, maybe. To brand, for sure.

Tempting, joining. Asking and answering.

All within the space of a hot, wet, wide kiss

I lose my head, my place, my rules

And I back you to the wall

To wherever you want.

You laugh again, my victor.

Surrender never looked so sweet naked

And I take you till you come

Till next time,

Writer Gal 

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Confessions of an incurable Hiddlestoner

I suffer from a serious condition. It’s incurable. It’s an addiction. It’s my life. I’m a Hiddlestoner – and I have a confession to make.


 Today, we have the supremely talented romance writer, and my good friend from across the pond, Devika Fernando who is here to talk about her not so secret love– Hiddlestonitis. 

Every book I write has been inspired by Tom Hiddleston. Every book I read, every story that captures my attention, reminds me of him. Heck, I end up comparing all men to him: Thomas William Hiddleston. Stealer of hearts, lover of pudding, Shakespeare-enthusiast, word-magician, destroyer of ovaries, versatile actor, living inspiration, man of countless talents and secrets.

Why are all of my heroes inspired by him, and why do I love him? There are reasons, probably more than you want to hear. But now that I’ve started, I’m afraid I might never stop. And by the end of this post, you’ll happily join the club.

Tom Hiddleston is a man of many faces. And I don’t just mean that he looks hot with or without glasses, that he’s handsome with long black hair just like with floofy blond curls or with perfectly styled ginger scruff.

I mean that he can switch from sophisticated and suave – killing you with that polished English accent and oozing oodles of politeness – to singing a song, dancing his heart out or breaking into a spot-on impersonation of a celebrity. I love it that he can slip into lecture mode in a heartbeat, diving into his vast knowledge of literature (and many other topics) to bring something alive within minutes that teachers have unsuccessfully been trying to install in your brain for ages.

I love it that he can be a nerd at one moment and impossibly cool the next, that he supports charity, is passionate about equality, and generous to his fans. It’s endlessly fascinating that he switches from a six-year-old child with bubbling excitement to a teenager with a shit-eating grin and naughty wink to a gorgeous man charming the heck out of men and women alike.

How can anyone be so serious, so understanding, so well-mannered, so quietly strong, so sexy, so humble, so genuine, so dedicated, so charismatic, so thoughtful? It’s magic, I tell you, and I’m completely under his spell.

And don’t get me talking about his voice (Heaven on earth! He could read the phone book to me and I’d swoon.) or his hands (Big, and you know what that means. *wink*) or his eyes or that sassy eyebrow that has a life of its own or his snake hips…or any part of his anatomy?

Hang on ladies, for I haven’t even gotten to the good parts.

Tom Hiddleston – When will the Oxford Dictionary accept his name as a synonym for perfection? Can we sign a petition for that? – can act. He can ACT the bloody hell out of any role. Deliciously dangerous Asgardian villain? Check! Mysterious soldier? Check! Tortured baronet? Check! Suicidal vampire? Check! Irresistible spy? Check! King / knight in shining armour? Check! Yodeling Yankee? Check! Swoonworthy Victorian hero? Check! Dashing yet deranged doctor? Check! Relentless Roman general? Check! And there are a million more roles that show just how much potential this incredible man has stored away.

Still not completely taken in by the man who’s simultaneously ruined and made my life? You’re a tough cookie, aren’t you? Cookies… see, I can’t even think of something as harmless as cookies without remembering Tom Hiddleston teaching the Cookie Monster about delayed gratification on Sesame Street. Yup, I’m a goner, a Hiddlestoner… Just like the lovely lady who wrote this poignant post.

This. This right here is another reason why I can’t help feeling inspired by Tom Hiddleston:


Is it any wonder that he is part of all the books I write?

The protagonist most strongly influenced by Tom is Daniel from SAVED IN SRI LANKA. I gave him an innate kindness, a love for books and poetry, and an insatiable hunger for knowledge (as well as a deep and sensual voice, mile-long legs, ginger hair and blue-grey-green eyes). Joshua from the FIRE TRILOGY has Tom’s calm strength and uncanny ability to make everyone listen, and the anti-hero Kyle from the same series was inspired by Tom’s remarkable performance as Loki. Michael from WHEN I SEE YOUR FACE is as caring, calm on the outside but deep on the inside and supportive of women as Tom. Lucas from KALEIDOSCOPE OF HOPES has derived his enigmatic charm, ruthless drive and regal bearing from Tom.

And Alejandro, the determined and irresistible hero from my latest romance novel SEDUCED IN SPAIN, gives life to Tom Hiddleston’s answer to an interview question, “a good boy in certain situations, and a bad boy in others”. Not only does Tom influence how I write my heroes, he is also one of the reasons why I write and publish, why I believe in myself and in creativity.

And really, do I need any other reason to love him?

Do you?

Thank you Devika, for reminding me once again what I LOVE about this man. And for popping over. We wish you all the best with the release of SEDUCED IN SPAIN! 


Writer Gal

About Devika:


Having always loved to read and write, Devika Fernando made her dream come true in 2014 when she became a self-published novelist. The Amazon bestselling author has released several eBooks in the genres of contemporary romance, paranormal romance and romantic suspense. Her German and Sri Lankan roots influence her writing.

She loves to talk to fellow Hiddlestoners (ok, others too!) on Facebook and Twitter



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