Book Blitz: We Women Wonder by Inderpreet Uppal

We Women Wonder talks about the various aspects in a life of a woman which are stepping stones but many are just stones in her path.

This book talks of the diverse issues she faces, the support she gets and why her progress is riddled with ambushes at each step.

We Women Wonder is not just a morale booster for women in all stages of their lives but also for men who wish to understand women better, trying to figure out what makes her the enigma she is.


We Women Wonder is a book about the story of every woman, you might find your reflection too.
Thoughts, quotes and determination can make a woman stronger, a survivor but she is a winner regardless.

“When a woman becomes her own best friend, life is easier.” – Diane Von Furstenberg.

A journey into what keeps us women ticking.
What annoys the hell out of us?
What are we women really about?
How does the world see us?
Is the world changing for us or are we just dreaming?
What is our success and what it means to a woman?
We Women Wonder, I often do, don’t you?

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About the Author

Inderpreet is a freelance editor and author for fiction and nonfiction. She is a post-graduate in human resources management and has worked as a lecturer for management, corporate communications, organisational behaviour and human resources management for many years.

Inderpreet writes for her love of writing, edits manuscripts and reads endlessly. Editing is her second career as her love of reading led to writing, editing as well as publishing her books on Amazon KDP.

She has worked with indie-authors as well as traditionally published authors. Books, editing, writing, and blogging keep her busy whenever she gets a breather from mothering her ‘too tricky to handle son’.

An Army brat, she now joins her adorable Army hubby across the country.

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Book Blitz: With Their Love By Vash Karuppa

Romance / Diverse Romance


Mahika Raj and Aruven Sriram had one thing in common: the marriage between her best friend, Samiksha and his brother, Theviyan. They haven’t spent much time together in the past, but their lives take a turn and become irrevocably entwined when tragedy strikes. An accident killing Samiksha and Theviyan leaves their four-year old daughter, Pravani, orphaned. Mahika and Aruven are forced to accept joint guardianship and live together for six months, knowing it’s the only way to ensure Pravani’s emotional well-being and help her cope with the sudden death of her parents.

Mahika and Aruven work hard to navigate through their newfound roles and form an unexpected bond. They are unconditionally supported by their family and circle of friends, not realising how, even in death, Theviyan and Samiksha ensured that these bonds are strengthened and treasured.

Although Mahika once vowed to keep her distance from Aruven, the sight of him with his orphaned niece melts her resolve. She can’t help but imagine a future together with Aruven and Pravani, especially as his steadfast beliefs on not wanting to marry and have a family slowly start to disintegrate. Just as this future feels within reach, her hopes and dreams are shattered by unforeseen circumstances.

Will Aruven and Mahika be able to overcome the challenges they face and build a new future as a real family together?


Mind blowing! One of the best books read in recent time. What an amazing writing and beautiful plot. Full of emotions, tragedy and togetherness. The book made me cry for beautiful reasons. Ever line, every chapter has fabulous memories to remain in her heart for longer time. 
The love, friendship, bonding, companionship described in the book is absolutely fantastic.
The last letter from Pravi’s parents has blockbuster of emotions which will make you love it more.
I loved it so much that I finished it in one go as i couldn’t keep the book down until finish.” 

A beautiful story with friends-family at the core! As with the previous books in the series, this book is set in a Tamil community in South Africa. Though this is the third book of the series, it can be read as a standalone, but I would recommend that you make time for the previous two books as well. Having met most of the characters, who are directly or indirectly related to one another, in the previous books, I enjoyed this book all the more as the continuity is maintained. The main characters have been developed in detail, they are realistic with their faults and hangups. The author has portrayed the feelings of the characters in detail. Even the supporting characters like their close knit friend- family circle have important roles to play in the story. I loved the easy camaraderie between the Diva group and also between the men. The scenes have been described in detail and I could picturise some of them easily.

I loved the book. The book has all the ingredients, love, sibling love, friendship, relationships, sacrifice as well as feeling of togetherness. The story is fast paced and unputdownable. The language is simple and I loved the accent of baby Pravani. The cover is beautiful and very apt for the story. As with all her books, the author has highlighted a social issue in this one too. The twists and turns make the story a page turner. The author has used a lot of South Indian words, but a glossary of terms at the beginning of the book making it easy for readers who are not well versed with the customs and terms.
Sadly, this trilogy has come to an end, but I shall look forward to many more books from her.”

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Vash is a South African author of Indian origin who has been a bookaholic from about the age of five. Her addiction for books grows exponentially on a daily basis, so after spending years concentrating on her role as a corporate executive and a short stint as an entrepreneur, she decided to unleash her number one desire i.e. a passion for writing. Whilst books of most genres interest her, it was romance that captured her soul. Her writing portrays the lives and drama of ordinary people who readers can easily relate to. The crux of her stories celebrate the power of true love coupled with the timeless bonds that exist between family and friends while capturing the true essence of diverse cultures. Member of the Romance Writers Organisation of South Africa (ROSA)!


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