TBC Guest Post by Pamela Fagan Hutchins

Please warmly welcome USA Today Bestselling Author Pamela Fagan Hutchins where she talks about all things ‘naughty’!

Guest Post.png

Today I have the incredible pleasure of having over the writer of the popular Emily series to share insights on her latest book Hell To Pay with this short guest post.

How did the adult novelty store come to play such an important part in the book?

PAMELA: When I was plotting out the Emily books, I had just become aware of a terrorist cult operating in my hometown. It made me very angry that people were being cruel and even ruining lives and businesses in the name of a religion. They target people and businesses based on whether or not they deem them sinful.

Now, this gets to how I was raised, but I was taught that God would be the one to pass judgment and that we should all focus on living our own best lives, and not judging others. So, long story short, one of the businesses the real life cult had targeted was a “swingers” club. Basically, consenting adults swapping sexual partners.

Not my thing, but not illegal.

Well, I hadn’t planned this, but one of my characters, Nadine, fell in love with the guy running the swingers club, Phil, in Earth to Emily (the precursor to Hell to Pay). Phil asked Nadine to marry him, and she wanted him out of the swingers club business.

I needed them to still do something that would attract the ire of the cult—the adult novelty store—but not something that violated Nadine’s sensibilities. Phew, that was a long explanation. But it all came down to Phil honoring Nadine’s wishes, but the two of them still doing something professionally that would make the cult target him like I needed for the story.

Wow! A real life terrorist cult with religious leanings and interesting sexual practices! Sounds like a delightful book to me. Doesn’t it, y’all? 



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