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My 2 Favorite Things Right Now


Hey y’all

Happiness is having the opportunity to see two of your favorite things at the same moment. At this precise moment, those are

1.The irresistible Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt from my new fave TV Show Parks & Recreation

2.This AWE-INSPIRING quote from one of my new, favorite movies – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty!

Ergo, I present to you MASHUP! Or, as I like to call, #pressedtogether

Hope y’all love, like, share and comment aboutย your favorite things too. And if it’s the same as mine, maybe I’ll create the next #pressedtogether

Happy rest of the week


Writer Gal

5 thoughts on “My 2 Favorite Things Right Now”

  1. I havent watched either of these two but now, Thanks to you, I have a new movie and a TV show to checkout! ๐Ÿ™‚
    At this moment, I am happy because of these two things:
    1) I won a prize in a blogging comp.
    2) I got invited to the pre-launch of Honda Jazz and will get to drive the car at the Buddh International Circuit and then wine and dine at Radisson Blu. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Need to watch Parks and Recreation. Has been highly recommended by a lot of people. Even The Secret Life…has been. I need to catch up on this. Two things that are making me happy right now S and writing. No accolades yet though.


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